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32 Pictures That Show How Terrifying It Was Being Trapped On The Viking Sky Cruise Ship

A true nightmare.

1. The Viking Sky was sailing off the Norwegian coast when it got caught in a "bomb cyclone" and three out of four of its engines blew out.

Frank Einar Vatne / AFP / Getty Images

2. The cruise ship was stranded and 1,300 people were trapped on board.

Odd Roar Lange / AFP / Getty Images

3. It was, and this is an understatement, terrifying.

Still on Viking Sky awaiting to evacuate. Seas very rough. Had a breach of the dining room. Water flooded. Many hurt. @BBCWorld @BBCNews @SkyNews @SkyNewsBreak @vikingcruise

4. Terrifying.

Frank Einar Vatne / AFP / Getty Images

5. To give you an idea of how bad it was, this boat was anchored in the same area as the cruise ship. It was basically falling over.

Svein Ove Ekornesvaag / AFP / Getty Images

6. Here's a video when passengers realized something was very very wrong.

Here’s the beginning of the end...from the dining room on the #VikingSky about 30 mins before the emergency was called. Notice the glass doors in the back of the ship slid open! ⁦@ABC⁩ ⁦@NBCNews⁩ ⁦@CBSNews⁩ ⁦@CNN⁩ ⁦@BBCBreaking⁩ ok to use

7. Things started flying off shelves.

8. Windows and glass started to break.

9. A door blew off and suddenly water started pouring in.

10. I would have (metaphorically) died.

11. Water was literally flowing under people's feet!

12. These videos taken by LGBT warrior legend, Alexus Sheppard, show just how crazy it got.

13. The ship was TILTED. Stuff was flying.

We’re waiting for evacuation by helicopter #VikingSky #Mayday

14. A lady got hit in the head with the ceiling.

Still waiting for evacuation. #VikingSky #Mayday

15. And everyone had nothing they could do but just wait.

Still on board #VikingSky 15 hours on. Awaiting evacuation. Crew has been fantastic keeping everyone calm and fed. Seas are still rough with winds of 40 knots

16. People were just sleeping all over the place.

17. On the floor...

18. the hallways.

19. These pictures were taken by crew members and posted in a cruise workers Facebook group.

20. The pool:

21. A dining area:

22. An atrium:

23. While all of this was going on, the crew was doing everything they could.

On board the Viking Sky. The crew is doing an amazing job on trending to us. The galley has been damaged, broken glass, wine bottles, dishes, etc. Yet they have managed to make sandwiches, bring water and keep us calm. #VikingSky

24. Some people were emergency airlifted off the boat. This video shows how scary the ocean was.

Norwegian rescue helicopters airlifted passengers from a cruise ship off the coast of Norway after the ship lost engine power amid strong winds and heavy seas. After hundreds were evacuated, the ship regained power and returned to the port.

25. "We need off this ship!"

Still on #vikingsky more than 15 hours after the initial mayday call! We need off this ship!

26. It wasn't cute.

27. Eventually, the winds subsided and the boat was able to be pulled into port by tugboats.

Finally coming into Molde, Norway #VikingStar #WhatARelief

28. The good people of the Norwegian Red Cross were waiting for them: "Many need a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to."

29. Everyone was overjoyed.

30. Especially this man in his robe.

31. And just in case you're wondering, here's why people went on that cruise in the first place.

32. The end.

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