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I'm Obsessed With This Woman Tweeting About Being On That Stranded Cruise Ship

A true hero.

Alexus Sheppard was on that cruise ship, the Viking Sky, that was stranded off the coast of Norway.

She was basically the only person live-tweeting the whole nightmare/disaster/massive shitshow.

#VikingSky declares #MayDay all engines lost, no power, drifting at sea off #Norway. Very rough seas. 1300 passengers. Massive rescue operation underway. At least 5 helicopters involved as well as many ships. Pray for all souls aboard! 🇳🇴🌊🛳️

Her videos are honestly terrifying and make my stomach hurt.

We’re waiting for evacuation by helicopter #VikingSky #Mayday

Like this one where the ceiling falls on some lady.

Or this one where chairs are smashing into things.

Alexus was on it.

She was even giving random DM updates to strangers.

But while this was all happening...

...LGBT warrior, Alexus, was tweeting about gay rights in Tennessee.

May I just point out that brave, dear @alexus309, taking harrowing video aboard #VikingSky as it lists perilously at sea, legit paused to tweet about an article about a gay issue in Tennessee. Bless her multitasking heart like for real.

Cruise ship LGBT queen.

So while everyone looked like this:

Alexus Sheppard literally looked like this:

Dad sent this of @alexus309, captioned “the twitterer in action”. So meta.

The queen herself reporting for duty.

Eventually things got better.

It’s getting better! Life jackets off and only an hour to port. #VikingSky #AwesomeCrew

And Alexus made it back safely.

Finally coming into Molde, Norway #VikingStar #WhatARelief

But right before they made it back, Alexus tweeted about Mayor Pete.

Chasten Buttigieg Would Be the Best 'First Lady' of Twitter https://t.co/wyI2AHo4mO

In conclusion, we love a new gay icon and her name is Alexus. The end.

Thank you EVERYONE for your love and support over these difficult two days. We’re now safely docked in Molda, Norway and have happily been fed and watered. 😜 it’s times like these that make us ALL stronger as caring human beings. It does indeed take a village ❤️