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    Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Jun 2, 2009

    25 Of Nickelodeon's Best Original Songs

    They've brought you The Beets, Dino Spumoni, and the amazing All That theme song. Take a trip down ole memory lane with 25 of Nickelodeon's best original songs. Yodel-a-e-oo.

    • 25.Patti Youre The Mayonnaise For Me

  • 24.Gullah Gullah

  • 23.Taina

  • 22.Log

  • 21.Cat Dog

  • 20.Invader Zims The Doom Song

  • 19.The Grass Is Greener

  • 18.I Need More Allowance

  • 17.Mr Hyuhs The Simple Things

  • 16.My Brother And Me

  • 15.The Brainstem Song

  • 14.Hey Dude

  • 13.The Name Game From Tiny Toons

  • 12.I Saw Your Face and WOW

  • 11.Pete And Pete

  • 10.The Rugrats Rap

  • 9.Killer Tofu

  • 8.Happy Happy Joy Joy

  • 7.Shout Your Lungs Out

  • 6.RECYCLE From Rockos Modern Life

  • 5.Dino Spumoni

  • 4.We Run We Jump We Swim And Play

  • 3.Clarissa

  • 2.Allllllll That

  • 1.Banging On A Trash Can

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