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    25 Of Nickelodeon's Best Original Songs

    They've brought you The Beets, Dino Spumoni, and the amazing All That theme song. Take a trip down ole memory lane with 25 of Nickelodeon's best original songs. Yodel-a-e-oo.

    • 25.Patti Youre The Mayonnaise For Me

  • 24.Gullah Gullah

  • 23.Taina

  • 22.Log

  • 21.Cat Dog

  • 20.Invader Zims The Doom Song

  • 19.The Grass Is Greener

  • 18.I Need More Allowance

  • 17.Mr Hyuhs The Simple Things

  • 16.My Brother And Me

  • 15.The Brainstem Song

  • 14.Hey Dude

  • 13.The Name Game From Tiny Toons

  • 12.I Saw Your Face and WOW

  • 11.Pete And Pete

  • 10.The Rugrats Rap

  • 9.Killer Tofu

  • 8.Happy Happy Joy Joy

  • 7.Shout Your Lungs Out

  • 6.RECYCLE From Rockos Modern Life

  • 5.Dino Spumoni

  • 4.We Run We Jump We Swim And Play

  • 3.Clarissa

  • 2.Allllllll That

  • 1.Banging On A Trash Can

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