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25 Very New York Things That Have Happened In New York City Since The Coronavirus Pandemic

"You are your safest sex partner."

1. This woman with a sign on her back telling people to back the fuck up:

New Yorkers being New Yorkers #NYC #Covid_19

2. This chart on the subway telling people they probably shouldn't be riding the subway:

3. All the people clapping at 7 p.m. every day:

Gives me chills every night. United apart. I love NYC. <3

4. This doctor's reaction to hearing the 7 p.m. clapping:

Wow.....heard the 7pm salute to medical professionals from our building in the city —— really helps motivate you to get through tonight’s overnight shift. New Yorkers are the best!!!

5. And this person yelling at someone who was singing out his window to "shut the fuck up":

6. This banner hanging off of this building:

7. This ambulance blasting Bill Withers:

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn: An ambulance is driving around blasting Bill Withers’ “Just The Two Of Us.” There is solidarity all around us. RIP Bill Withers.

8. This person getting creative with their COVID protection:

9. This guy getting creative with his face mask:

Thank you to those with creative minds...and a sense of humor (I think). #NYC

10. These people playing Frank Sinatra:

Someone with a slamming sound system blared Frank Sinatra’s New York New York out over these empty streets I love my city. To hell with the rich shiny people fled when it was suffering

11. This neighbor:

12. This NYC guide to sex during corona that basically tells you to just masturbate:

“You are your safest sex partner” — obsessed with NYC’s guide to sex during corona

13. This heart:

Just noticed this from my balcony at LES. New Yorkers are the best!!

14. This person screaming at people from his window to socially distance:

Tensions are mounting as our social fabric frays. In Brooklyn, these folks in apartment windows got in a shouting match with those down on the street. “Flatten the curve, go home,” one chants. #coronavirus

15. This sign at a bodega:

Sign in New York. Can't wait to go back one day. Telling people like it is 👍🏼😂

16. This bodega giving away free face masks:

17. This bodega giving an update about their cat:

Bodega on the corner shut down, but the bodega cat is fine!

18. This person giving away homemade face masks:

19. This person who put a haiku on their fire escape:

Good morning from New York City on this Monday April 6th, 2020. Recently I shared a pic of a man in my neighborhood working out on a stationary bike on his balcony. Later he added a sign that said "This virus is a jerk." Here's an update on him. (Thanks @BeccaHope24 for the pic!)

20. This sign of appreciation:

Plus telecom workers. Spotted on the window of a grocery store in Brooklyn.

21. This doctor going to work:

On the way to my first ER shift in 3 weeks. About half of the people are wearing masks. Most of them are homemade. I love New York and am forever grateful to live in this city.

22. The physician on the front line:

I am a physician on the front lines in NYC and my colleagues and I are doing the best I can with what I have to work with. I go to work to save lives. I sacrifice my own health for yours. The worst is yet to come so PLEASE STAY HOME. #coronavirus #Covid_19 #StayHome

23. This nurse saving lives:

My heart 😭 "16 hours and you know what we have not lost one patient today" THIS ENERGY! ALL DAY EVERY DAY 😭❤ Her name is Angie. She is a frontline Nurse in New York. She is 60 years old working 16 hour shifts at the hospital. A HERO KNOW HER NAME!

24. All of the retired medical professionals and mental health professionals who have stepped up:

40,000 retired medical professionals and 6,175 mental health professionals have signed up in New York to volunteer. God, I love New Yorkers.

25. And lastly, this mattress: