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22 People Who Have Absolutely NO IDEA What A Juul Is

This is funny to people who Juul and to people who have someone who Juuls in their life.

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First of all, this is a Juul. It's a vape for nicotine.

Now here's a list of things that people thought a Juul was.

1. A Firestick.

My mom literally tried throwing away my Amazon Fire Stick because she thought it was a juul 💀😂

2. An inhaler.

Grandma thought my juul was an inhaler

3. Christmas tree lights.

My mom found juul pods in my brothers room and she thought they were lights for a christmas tree

4. Something used to manipulate a gas pump.

dad just said “i have something i need to show you!” (it was a juul pod) then he proceeded to tell me he found it beside a gas pump and thought someone was trying to mess w the pump 😂😭

5. A vibrator.

my grandma thought my juul was a vibrator

6. A USB containing Russian secrets.

mY MOM found a juul in a DC cab and thought it was a flashdrive containing GOP secrets about Russian collusion so she took it home to plug into her computer but instead i took a rip and she was so shook

7. A flash drive with a thesis on it.

Ali left her juul at my house and my mom thought it was a flash drive with her thesis paper on it

8. Something to download illegal movies on.

My mom found my juul charging in my laptop and she thought it was for downloading illegal movies🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

9. School supplies.

My mom thought my sisters juul was a flash drive so she found it and put it with her school supplies 😂

10. A fuse for a car.

I left a juul pod in my moms car and she thought it was a fuse to her car so she kept it to ask her bf about it😂😂😭

11. A lightbulb.

i found a juul pod in my kitchen and when i asked my mom she told me she found it on the street and took it bc she thought it was a lightbulb...

12. Perfume.

My dad just found one of my juul pods and thought it was a sample perfume

13. An air freshener.

my dad gave me a juul pod he found dounstairs. he thought it was part of the airfreshener in my room bc it smells good. DEAD.

14. A weed problem.

One time my Dad found a juul on the beach and took it home. After finding it and accusing my brother & I of having “a weed problem,” my mom thought maybe she was mistaken and it was actually a flash drive. She plugged it into the computer see what’s on it, but charged it instead.

15. A pregnancy test.

My mom found my juul and yelled at me because she thought it was a pregnancy test ....

16. A pencil lead holder.

my grandma found my juul & i told her it was my pencil lead holder and she asked me if she could use it for her lead too ((“:

17. Something wrong with a car?

left a juul pod in my sisters car and she thought it was something to do w her car SO SHE WENT TO THE DEALERSHIP AND ASKED IF THEY COULD FIX IT. I don’t think I’ve laughed harder in a minute. I love this bitch 🤣

18. A computer charger.

My mom hid what she thought was a juul charger she found in my brother’s room, but it was actually his computer charger so he hasn’t been able to use it for the past 2 weeks 😂

19. This nurse thing.

My dad thought my mom got a juul for nurses week and was disappointed to find out it’s a charger lol

20. A unit of measurement.

my 25 year old brother who smokes cigs didn't know what a juul was. I asked him and he thought it was the unit of measurement

(Accurate but different.)

21. A mobile hot spot.

I was charging my Juul in the break room at work and my coworker thought it was a mobile hotspot hehe

22. And this thing?

Lol my mom thought this was a juul or something “bad”, but really it’s just a PaperMate lead holder

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