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21 Things You Desperately Need To Know About White Guys With Dreads

Be careful out there.

*Asks to borrow a dollar*

*Buys a Cup Noodles*

*Pulls out a bongo*

*Plays either Sublime or Korn*

OK, we're ready.

*Rings the White Guys With Dreads alarm*

In case you didn't know, we're in the midst of a white guy with dreads resurgence.


Shit is dark.

In order to prepare you for the impending influx of white guys with dreads, I've compiled a list of accurate (hopefully helpful!) tweets about them.

And please, stay safe out there, my friends.


1. White guys with dreads might ruin Christmas.

2. They are some of the most confident types of people in the world.

3. If you play it (the Black Crowes), they will come.

4. They run in packs.

5. They basically only listen to two bands.

6. They look like spiders.

7. They also look like mops at the Dollar General store.

8. Their dogs wear shoes.

9. They are literally keeping the "sport" of Hacky Sack alive.

10. They will destroy your Tinder.

11. They care about tea.

12. They defy laws of logic.

13. And some may surprise you.

14. They all know how to play "Redemption Song."

15. They made Shark Week happen.

16. There is a very good chance they play the bass.

17. And they're always doing the most.

18. But don't fret too much — not all is shitty when it comes to white guys with dreads!

19. They can help you with public speaking.

20. You can always blame a fart on them.

21. And they might even make your dreams come true!

Have a nice day!