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    48 Celeb Instagram Posts From 10 Years Ago That Are Soooooooooo Completely Different To What They Post Now

    2012 was the glory age of celebrity Instagram. I miss all the terrible pictures of foods, extremely filtered selfies, and even a firework pic or two.

    The year was 2012.

    Instagram app on a phone screen

    Instagram was a COMPLETELY different place, like nobody cared about what they posted AT ALL. It was a chaotic but enjoyable mess.

    Closeup of a city street

    1. Harry Styles joined in 2012, and his first post was this filtered picture of some random deer in a random field.

    2. It was totally acceptable to post the most arbitrary things, like how he posted a picture of his phone with 69% battery life.

    3. I also love how every picture in 2012 HAD to have a border. We were all artists!

    4. In 2012, Beyoncé was still posting literal mirror-with-flash camera selfies.

    5. Jessica Alba's photos were covered with a weird haze.

    6. It's like she didn't even know how to fit three people in a photograph.

    7. Gigi Hadid's photos were practically red.

    8. And Chris Pratt's were practically orange.

    9. Kim Kardashian joined IG in 2012 with this blurry picture:

    10. It was back when people posted pictures with their friends where everyone looked kinda sweaty.

    11. Back then, Kim would also post pixelated pictures of memes.

    12. She posted feet pics.

    13. A very 2012 picture with Psy.

    14. And this disgusting picture of some old bread. People LOVED posting unintentionally gross pictures of things they were eating.

    15. She also did the very 2012 thing of posting pictures of blurry, off-center quotes about how big of bitches they were.

    16. Shawn Mendes was but a mere fetus, and honestly probably wasn't even allowed on Instagram. This was his first post:

    17. He posted pictures of his cat.

    18. Lady Gaga joined Instagram in 2012.

    19. She was really into the angsty, extremely low quality selfie.

    20. In 2012, Zendaya posted a classic "waiting in the car listening to music" selfie.

    21. She posted the iconic "this is my Starbucks" pic.

    22. And also, this extremely appetizing picture of funnel cake. Again, we LOVED posting pictures of our food.

    23. In 2012, Justin Bieber posted the very common "I gotta poop" selfie.

    24. He basically posted every selfie he took, like there was no filter to what made the grid.

    25. And his pictures were captioned with things like, "Uh oh swag time."

    26. I'm pretty sure this picture was taken with a potato.

    27. Ariana Grande was big on Instagram in 2012.

    28. She cranked that contrast waaaay up.

    29. She also took crooked pictures of highways.

    30. A classíque circle of feet pic.

    31. And, of course, mirror selfies where the lens appeared to be covered in butter.

    32. The year was 2012. We posted EVERYTHING.

    33. In 2012, Rob Lowe posted pictures with a random monkey. I feel like posting pictures with random animals was huge then.

    34. Oprah's first post was of some random friends.

    35. Vanessa Hudgens went the hipster route.

    36. Camila Cabello posted quite possibly the worst concert pictures of all time.

    37. Shakira was into the artsy landscape pic.

    38. Zac Efron posted an encounter with "up-and-coming" actor Rebel Wilson.

    39. Priyanka Chopra joined Instagram with this grainy pic.

    40. And Paris Hilton posted a double-frame picture of her dogs in the back seat of a car.

    41. In 2012, we were still very into using flash for every pic.

    42. No selfie was too boring or bad to be posted to the grid.

    43. And people LOVED posting pictures of people with their flashlights on at concerts.

    44. In 2012, Rihanna edited her pics in Picasa.

    45. She took dramatic-ass pictures showing how tired she was.

    46. She posted pictures of the sausage section at Whole Foods.

    47. She loved a good meme.

    48. And she re-posted this pic of her friend's broken toe.

    It doesn't get anymore 2012 than that!