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Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on Jul 28, 2009

17 More Controversial Teenage TV Situations

17 more clips about Internet predators, people with disabilities, and kids with eating disorders. Enjoy.

  • 1. Smoking Pot on 7th Heaven

    Dad stumbles across marijuana in the house and is immediately convinced that it belongs to Matt. Annie urges her husband to not be so sure of himself, and as they subtly attempt to wiggle the truth out of their children.

  • 2. Going To Secret Underground Clubs on 90210

    Brandon's new girlfriend, Emily, invites everyone to join her at an underground club. The location is a secret; the gang must exchange an egg at a certain convenience store for this information. The others leave without Steve and Andrea, who end up going to the wrong store and embarrassing themselves. Kelly is mortified when David drinks an entire bottle of whiskey, but Donna dances with him and has a good time. Emily slips a drug called U4EA (ecstasy) into Brandon's drink to get him to loosen up.

  • 3. Encountering Child Molesters on Diff'rent Strokes

    Unaware that he's being lured into the carefully crafted trap of a child molester, Arnold eagerly agrees to perform a simple task in return for an overly generous reward from a "friendly" neighborhood merchant.

  • 4. Dealing With Internet Predators on Smart Guy

    T.J. buys bootleg computer games but soon runs into trouble with a sinister stranger.

  • 5. Using Speed on Family Ties

    In order to study all night for mid-terms, Alex convinces Mallory to help him get a hold of some pills, and he ends up spinning out of control on speed."

  • 6. Taking Diet Pills on Family Matters

    Handyman chores leave Urkel hyped up and hammered out after he inadvertently downs Laura's diet pills, which she's using for a quick trim down.

  • 7. "Vitamin Pills" on Welcome Back Kotter

    Freddie becomes addicted to drugs after taking prescribed pain killers. Despite the other Sweathogs' best efforts, the only thing that can bring Freddie around is Arnold's faith in him... and in his "vitamin pills."

  • 8. Dealing With Drugs Lords on The OC

    Jess bullies Trey into participating in a drug deal that turns into a shootout. Who's the bitch now?

  • 9. Getting Drunk and Getting Caught on Boy Meets World

    In an effort to forget about Topanga for a night, Cory steals a bottle of whiskey from his dad. He invites Shawn to partake, and Shawn discovers he likes it a little too much.

  • 10. Sleeping With Your Teacher on Dawson's Creek

    Pacey falls in love with his teacher. He confronts her and they make out.

  • 11. Eating Special Leaves on Dinosaurs

    After Robbie decides he can live on his own, he soon discovers a plant that, when eaten, makes you happy. He is quick to bring it home and share it with Earl, whose new attitude toward life has very disastrous results.

  • 12. Deadbeat Dads on Fresh Prince

    Will's long-lost father, Lou, breezes into town and promises Will the moon, which angers Phil and Vivian, who give him the cold shoulder for walking out on Will and Vy. When Will was 4 years old, his father went to get a pack of cigarettes and never came back. Years later he became a trucker, but Will was going to college by then. When his father abandons him a second time, Will accepts the fact that Uncle Phil is the closest thing to a father that he has ever had.

  • 13. Dating With A Disability on Saved By The Bell

    Zack becomes close to a disabled girl, after he starts to participate on a teen hot-line from Bayside.

  • 14. Bulimia on Gossip Girl

    Blair is devastated when her mother tellls her that Harold is not coming. Our beloved Upper East Side Princess seeks help from a delicious pie. It turns out she is a recovering bulimic.

  • 15. Shoplifting on Full House

    (Fast forward to 3:30) When the three Tanner girls receive Valentine's Day presents from the guys, nobody is more excited than DJ, who receives a beautiful new sweater. When a little mishap at school tears it to shreds, DJ races to the mall with Stephanie and Kimmy for a quick replacement, only to discover that her savings won't quite match the item's expensive price. Desperate to help her sister, Stephanie takes the "Buy Now, Pay Later" concept a bit too literally and walks right out of the store with the unpaid sweater.

  • 16. Child Abuse on My So Called Life

    Jared Leto talks about throwing chairs at his father.

  • 17. Scandalous Internet Pictures on Degrassi

    In an effort to get rid of her good girl image, Darcy starts posting scandalous pictures of herself online.

  • 18. BONUS: Punky Brewster Nose Candy Clip

    Every controversial TV list needs this.

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