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16 Embarassing Marriage Proposals

Here are 16 videos of really unfortunate marriage proposals. It's probably not a good idea to propose while being arrested.

  • 1. While Getting Arrested

    Now this is special.

  • 2. On Live TV

    "Can we talk about this later."

  • 3. News Reporter Ruins The Surprise


  • 4. On Stage

    Good idea. Until she runs away.

  • 5. At A Basketball Game

    Another good idea. Until she runs away.

  • 6. On The Radio

    It's probably not a good idea to let your local radio DJ propose to your girlfriend.

  • 7. At Church

    Make sure you know where your significant other is before you pop the question.

  • 8. With A Balloon

    Bad idea.

  • 9. At A Church Play


  • 10. At Starbucks


  • 11. At A Family Party

    This is cute. Until she says no.

  • 12. Making A Music Video Dedication

    I actually love this. But still...

  • 13. Taken By A Wave

    This is the ultimate worst thing that could happen.

  • 14. Set Up By Beetlejuice

    Disney World proposals...

  • 15. Waiting For The iPhone At The Apple Store

    Only if you're REALLY into technology.

  • 16. At McDonalds