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    15 Super Useful Ways We Can Use The Ghost Emoji Like Cher

    Because everyone should be more like Cher.

    So we all know Cher loves emojis.

    She's a cool mom.

    But there's one emoji close to her heart, and that emoji is the ghost one.

    Cher uses it all of the time.

    The following is a list of ways we can all be more like Cher because Cher is the best human being.

    1. When you're saying how you feel about someone's prom dress from 2012:

    2. When you're laughing at someone for getting scratched by their cat:

    3. When you're talking about how fabulous you are:

    4. When you're trying to get Britney Spears to sing live:

    5. When you're congratulating someone on taking their granddaughter to get their first prosthetic:

    6. When you're talking about your underwear:

    7. When you're critiquing artwork someone drew of yourself:

    8. When you're saying how you feel about your friend's hot new goth outfit:

    9. When you're wishing someone good luck on their first day of work:

    10. When you're describing how you feel about someone's new chrome hearts ring:

    11. When you're talking about renegade sperm:

    12. When you're describing the quality of gift wrapping:

    13. When you're giving fashion advice:

    14. When you're talking about the quality of a baby:

    And lastly,

    15. When you're commenting on a picture of a teen:

    Ghost on, Queen!

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