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Updated on May 13, 2020. Posted on May 12, 2009

The 15 Best Graduation Falls

It's graduation season! Crossing the stage and falling is on the minds of graduates across the globe. In celebration of this important time of year, here are the 15 best falls as captured by film and posted on the Internets. Let this post serve as a cautionary tale to those graduating to not eff up and forever be that kid. It will be on YouTube the next day. Congrats!

  • 15. Oh she fell, but I have it on record!

  • 14.Oh Happy Day

  • 13.Tackled At Yankee Stadium: While this isnt a traditional fall, it still is a pretty hardcore bad ass take down.

  • 12.Principal Pushes Kid

  • 11.And There He Goes

  • 9.The Guy Who Kinda Does The Fish

  • 8.The Lamest Trip Ever (Which Makes It Pretty Great)

  • 7.Hannahs Heel Breaks

  • 6.You Idiot

  • 5.For serious, what is this girls issue?

  • 4.Down She Goes

  • 3.Pre School Nightmare

  • 2.Two Girls 1 Fall

  • 1.OUCH

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