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    22 Differences Between American And Australian 21st Birthdays

    The only thing that's guaranteed to happen at both 21sts is a killer hangover.

    1. In America, turning 21 is a significant event in a young person’s life.

    While in Australia, it’s more of a sophisticated event.

    2. For Americans, the celebration is usually held at a bar or club.

    While Australians throw a 21st birthday party that’s planned months in advance.

    3. If you’re the first person in your friend group to turn 21 in America, that might mean fewer people to celebrate with.

    I'm gonna have a second Birthday party for my 21st where I can invite all my friends who hadn't turned 21 by the time my birthday came around and we'll all go out and have a good time

    Via Twitter: @trex_rez

    Being the oldest means you can’t go out drinking and celebrate because the rest of your friends aren’t 21 yet. While it may be suck, the only obvious option is to throw two 21st birthday parties.

    But since Australians can start drinking at age 18, it doesn’t matter if you’re the first or last to celebrate your 21st birthday.

    4. Although when you’re the youngest of the friend group in America, a 21st birthday might mean a trip to Las Vegas.

    While if you’re the youngest in Australia, the shine of attending 21sts after 21sts has worn off a little.

    5. An American might hit up the bars dressed in a sash and crown to let the whole world know they can drink.

    While the dress code for an Australian 21st birthday party might be a lot more ~fancy~.

    6. The details of an American’s 21st birthday are usually kept from mum and dad.

    While in Australia, a 21st is usually more of a friends and family affair.

    My family did NOT just turn my fancy 21st birthday party into a Shrek themed party

    Think grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunties — they’re all invited.

    7. The American 21st usually starts off with a plan in mind, but then turns into a sloppy ordeal by the end of the night.

    Last year for my 21st birthday party I got soooo fucked up I was knocked out by like 1am. 💀🤦🏻‍♀️

    You spend ages planning this incredible night, only to have it go down the drain after you’ve had a couple of drinks. And then there’s the taste of your first beer — it’s kind of foul, but then you drink a whole lot more and suddenly it’s not so bad.

    While an Australian 21st birthday party has a much stricter schedule, with times planned out for speeches, cake cutting and dancing.

    8. You can bet that the American birthday boy or girl will go balls to the walls mixing different drinks for the first time.

    While at an Australian 21st birthday party, you’re more likely to find an assortment of canapes.

    10. You won’t see any sort of fancy cake at an American 21st.

    As for Australians, you can bet on a big cake.

    10. An American 21st usually ends with someone being carried out from the bar by a bouncer, followed by an introduction to drunk food.

    While a 21-year-old Aussie needs no introduction to drunk food, as they’ve been doing this for three years.

    11. The morning after a 21st is tough for Americans, especially since it’s their first time going through a hangover.

    And for Australians, well, a 21st birthday is an excuse to celebrate, so they’re just as hungover as their American counterparts.