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20 Times Peyton Manning Looked Super-Duper Sad During The Super Bowl

#ManningFace. #Forever.

1. When his teammates left him hanging during the pregame.

2. When the flyover reminded him of the scene where Goose dies in Top Gun.


3. When his rude teammate surprised him with the football.

4. When he looked at the scoreboard.

5. When he yelled in vain.

6. When he saw what people were saying about Bruno Mars on Twitter.

7. When he smoldered with sadness.

8. When he wondered if he DVR'd the Prince episode of New Girl.

9. When he remembered he doesn't even have DVR.

10. When he was all, like, "Argh."

11. When he was super bummed.

12. When his own lineman told him he'd rather watch the Puppy Bowl.

13. When his forehead did that thing his forehead does.

14. Whe he just couldn't get loose.

15. When he looked at the Fox graphic of the scoreboard.

16. When he threw that interception.

17. When he threw that other interception.

18. When he fell down and went boom.

19. When he remembered the Curse of Wes Welker.

20. And when he knew it was all over.


Sad Eli Manning.