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26 Things You'll Only Understand If You Survived Catholic School

Guilt is real and lasts forever.

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1. Jesus is the answer to just about everything...

2. Even math problems.

3. You know that sex before marriage is an unnatural and disgusting sin...

4. And obviously worthy of eternal damnation.

5. You know what's considered "acceptable" date ideas.

6. And that the devil is hidden everywhere...

7. Including soft fabrics...

8. And lockers numbered 666.

9. You know you can get detention for just about anything.

10. Because dress code violations were endless...

11. Even if your morning wardrobe choices were not.

12. You still feel guilty missing mass, even if you haven't gone in years.

13. Because Catholic guilt is very real and lasts forever.

14. You still have no idea how to dance.

15. Because this guy was always cutting in.

16. You know what it's like to be held to impossible standards.

17. You remember science class leaving you feeling a little conflicted.

18. And sports rivalries being a little awkward.

19. But you know the FIRST AND REALEST Iggy — St. Ignatius.

20. And you can Rick Roll just about anything.

21. You know you'll never escape from snarky grammar jokes.

22. And you'll always appreciate a perfectly delivered religious joke.

23. You subconsciously see the cross in any pattern.

24. And you're constantly reminded that God is always watching.

25. But at the end of the day, you know those years are part of your identity.

26. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

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