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24 Ridiculous Things That Only Teachers Have To Deal With

*exhausted sigh*

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1. Gluing calculators to bricks so no one steals them.

2. Having people deliberately dress like you.

3. Having to differentiate between these names.

4. Having to threaten students with fire over font sizes.

5. Dealing with people presenting President Obama and Harry Styles having an affair together as fact.

6. Wondering is this little girl is serious.

7. Being driven to alcohol by something this god damn cute.

8. Keeping an eye out for smuggled iPads.

9. Writing notes to parents about how their kids don't like cheese.

10. Reading lines upon lines of poetry.

11. Receiving gifts that make you cringe because of grammatical mistakes.

12. Having to explain what "I eat your mom's vagina" mean in sex ed.

13. Using tiny toilets.

14. Having people suggest you name your child "A Fire Engine."

15. Shaming parents for helping out with students homework.

16. Threatening people over TV spoilers.

17. People with no respect for your time and effort.

18. Scaring teenagers.

19. Dealing with these self-proclaimed know-it-alls.

20. Discovering these con artists in training.

21. And having to correct these kind of mistakes...

22. ...over...

23. ...and over...

24. ...and over again.

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