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21 People Who Took Passive-Aggressive To A New Level In 2015

"Sorry, I'm not sorry."

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4. This frustrated employee who wrote a procedure for fixing the jammed paper shredder: / Via

"If this machine jams because you tried to shred too much paper at one time, look around and make sure nobody saw you do it. Leave the area immediately so someone else will have to take a half hour of their time dismantling this machine. Thanks."


12. This van owner who shamed the shit out of the person who called his van "creepy": / Via

"No offense but this van looks hella creepy at night. Can you park it in front of someone else's house from now on. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!"

"hey lady — I own a home next to the school, I like this van, and now I've been profiled for driving home. I work at Hayden Library, my wife nurses the dying, you owe us an apology."



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