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    19 People Who Definitely Say "Well, Actually" Way Too Much


    1. This dude playing life on difficultly level EXPERT:

    kelsado /

    2. This real-life scientist:

    3. Steve, who's too slick for psych professors:

    IKilledYourBabyToday /

    4. This human TI-83:

    Zerofactory /

    5. This person who understood Arrival better than everyone else in the world:


    6. This guy who is a better playwright than Shakespeare:

    je_suis_un_negre /

    7. This guy:

    HyperboleGenerator /

    8. This genius:

    Whyyallcare /

    9. This very sophisticated guy:

    nuckles7 /

    10. This dude who doesn't associate with inferior people:

    LFCookie /

    11. This dude who ain't taking the moral high road:

    scarredsquirrel /

    12. This person who terrifies everyone with his brain:

    anywone /

    13. This person who I guess doesn't like Ludacris:

    AnthonyDawnwalker /

    14. This person who listens to music on headphones at a music festival:

    Zagginator /

    15. This person who is concerned about our country's education system:

    charles_the_average /

    16. This human thesaurus:

    TimAllenAMA /

    17. This champion of the people:

    FredTheEgg /

    18. This epic broski:

    couchsweetpotato /

    19. And the worst Airbnb host of all time:

    bluelimesoda /

    Wanna see more people who will undoubtedly drive you crazy? Check out /r/iamverysmart.

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