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Let's see if you deserve something a little special.

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    Did you have a long week?
    Do you feel a little burnt out?
    Do you feel like you deserve better?
    Has your boss been riding your ass (not literally)?
    Did you complain about how little sleep you've been getting?
    Do you feel anxious for no plausible reason?
    Has the weather sucked?
    Did you forget your umbrella when you really needed it?
    Did you step in a puddle?
    Did your socks get wet?
    Was someone mean to you?
    Did someone call you a nickname that you don't like?
    Did you lose something?
    Have you forgotten the last time you had a day off?
    Did you run out of milk for your coffee?
    Did you sneeze and wipe your hands on your pants?
    Did you feel kinda bummed?
    Did you kick a rock from one destination to another?
    Did you not have sex?
    Did you have too much sex with yourself?
    Did you get a disappointing number of likes on your recent throwback Thursday picture?
    Did you eat peanut butter for a meal?
    Did you watch an hour of cable news?
    Did you watch a minute of cable news?
    Did you fart in an elevator?
    Did you cry?
    Did you send a compromising SnapChat to the WRONG person?
    Did you think "I hate my job?"
    Did you feel unloved?
    Did you spend any time on WebMD?
    Did you say out loud "I just can't?"
    Did you wish you had a pet you could tell all your secrets to?
    Did you clean the dishes?
    Did you demonstrate some form of self-respect?
    Do have some semblance of self-esteem?
    Did you eat fast food this week?
    Did you want to go backpacking in Europe and never got around to it?
    Did you eat a salad even though you didn't want to?
    Did you have a bad hair day?
    Did you feel victimized by "The Man?"
    Did you read for less than five minutes?
    Did you have a minor mental break down?
    Did you wear dirty underwear?
    Did you get upset at someone else's happiness?
    Did you have to hold your pee for a really long time?
    Did you do something clumsy?
    Did you get embarrassed?
    Did someone tickle you when you DID NOT WANT TO BE TICKLED?
    Did you audibly sigh recently?
    Did you have an amazing week?


Go out there and shower yourself in anything your heart desires. It's been a long goddamn week and you've earned it.

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