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27 T-Shirts That Tell You Everything You Need To Know

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

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1. This guy knew he was gonna have a bad day.

2. This old lady probably enjoys Wu-Tang Clan.

3. This guy knows every vote counts.

4. This kid doesn't like being patronized.

5. This flautist is dedicated to his craft.

6. This father-to-be is so, so, so sorry.

7. This guy has very particular sexual desires.

8. Maureen likes plants.

9. This person really enjoys Dr. Pepper.

10. This kid doesn't like to study.

11. This person's prayers are always answered.

12. This guy doesn't buy many drinks.

13. This grandpa listens to good advise.

14. This guy doesn't bother to clear his browsing history.

15. This woman is busy.

16. This kid's parents need a drink.

17. This person is color blind.

18. This guy is not a germaphobe.

19. This guy is a seasoned camper... and possibly a cannibal.

20. This person hates peer pressure.

21. This guy knows EXACTLY who he is.

22. This guy has a keen sense of humor.

23. This man is in need of a jacket.

24. This guy didn't have enough quarters to do laundry before visiting his family.

25. This guy was a Biblical studies major in college.

26. This guy tells the same joke at Thanksgiving every year.

27. And this person is FUCKIN' HUNGRY.

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