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    Nov 5, 2014

    24 Shirts That Are Embarrassing For Everyone Involved


    1. This uplifting shirt that becomes something TOTALLY different when it gets cold outside.

    2. This poorly designed polo shirt for smooth jazz lovers.

    3. This #WhyWouldYouEverWearThisOnAPlane? shirt.

    4. This shirt that's bringing back a souvenir from Vegas.

    5. This shirt that has some bad angles.

    6. This shirt with zero sense of irony.

    7. This EXTREME Dorney Park souvenir T-shirt.

    8. This unique pattern.

    9. Clint's work shirt.

    10. This new dad's favorite old hobby.

    11. This superkid.

    12. This disturbing Halloween costume.

    13. This shirt that shouldn't exist in children's sizes.

    14. This perfect optical illusion.

    15. This poetic tank top.

    16. This cringeworthy math pun.

    17. This shirt that should never be explained to children.

    18. This shirt that just makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

    19. This shirt that scrambles your brain.

    20. This poor girl's shirt.

    21. This awkwardly long Iron Man tee.

    22. This thrift store gem.

    23. This poor dad's recently ruined tank top.

    24. And, of course, Macklemore's $50 long-sleeve T-shirt.

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