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28 Reasons John Elway Was, Is, And Always Will Be A Badass

Mile High's commander-in-chief does what he wants.

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4. He ate the hearts of Cleveland Browns fans.

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Sorry, Browns fans.

5. Baseball? Yeah, that was just too easy for him.

Elway was a second round draft pick of the New York Yankees in 1981 and earned $140,000 for signing. In a short season in Single A ball for the Oneonta Yankees he hit .318 with four home runs, 25 RBIs, 13 stolen bases and a .432 on-base-percentage in 42 games. But he was always a football player at heart.


8. He made Terry Bradshaw eat humble pie.

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The former Steelers QB didn't like Elway's demand for a trade after he was drafted by the Colts with the No. 1 overall pick in 1983. Bradshaw said he should stick to baseball because he'd never win in the NFL.


15. Newspapers think he's still setting touchdown records even though he retired 15 years ago.

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After Peyton Manning threw for an NFL record seven touchdown passes in the Broncos' season opener against the reigning Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, the Columbus Dispatch ran this headline the next day.


And this Sunday he might just win another Super Bowl, because, well, you know...


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