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31 Tattoos That Will Make You Scream "Nooooo"

No regrets.

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1. This ode to an old friend:

2. This perfect life motto:

3. This comically ridiculous tattoo of Louis C.K. on a man's nipple:

4. The 38th governor of California:

5. This statistics major:

6. This permanently risqué dresser:

7. Freddy Mercury:

8. The King:

9. This fake hairline:

10. This mark of a champion:

11. This classic of Jesus riding Falkor:

12. This tattoo that gives new meaning to "taste the rainbow":

13. The casual and classy Ron Burgundy thigh tattoo:

14. This puppy portrait:

15. This Miley Cyrus masterpiece:

16. These words to live by:

17. This McDonald's receipt:

18. This totally normal back-of-the-head baboon tattoo:

19. This forever fresh cut:

20. These unfortunate golden arches:

21. This Jägerbomb IV:

22. This important reminder:

23. This tattoo for dad:

24. This Bible passage:

25. This empowering statement:

26. And this Patrick Swayze fan tattoo:

27. This ode to vampire romance novels:

28. This flawless depiction of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile:

29. This replica of a Tetris high score:

30. This really bizarre family tradition:

31. And this brilliant representation of what love looks like:

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