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21 Criminally Underrated Moments In Human History

It's not what you think.

1. When Chris thought deeply about the Green Ranger:

2. When Vanessa was made to feel like the Queen:

3. When this drunk boyfriend had a moment of clarity:

4. When Guy found the fountain of youth:

5. When Jake's nephew smuggled the goods:

6. When Christian drew a line in the sand:

7. When Sam dominated this fight:

8. When this guy's son learned a tough life lesson:

9. When Tony Hawk boarded a plane:

10. When Bryan hit us with a dose of reality:

11. When this girl crushed her sister's college orientation:

12. When Michelle stood up for everyone's questionable purchases:

13. When Sarah made her mom believe:

14. When Kyle made a really effin' good point:

15. When Sara admitted everyone's biggest flaw:

16. When Stephen made the formula for success:

17. When Syd's kid told the truth:

18. When Iris's brother put on the suit:

19. When Mat called out this flaw in society:

20. When Phil made a miracle:

21. And when the Dictionary used a word in a sentence: