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29 Internet Philosophers Who Will Rip A Hole In Your Mind

These Tumblr users might be the greatest minds of our generation.

1. This enlightened stoner.

2. These boner aficionados.

3. This literal daredevil.

4. This defender of LGBT rights.

5. This pessimistic coffee drinker.

6. This anatomy-challenged pothead.

7. This Twilight Zone fan fiction writer.

8. This future trillonaire.

9. This theology major.

10. This bookworm who speaks the TRUTH.

11. This conspiracy theorist.

12. This twisted genius.

13. This evil genius.

14. This person who finally made sense of Michael Cera's acting career.

15. This men's rights activist.

16. This analogy expert.

17. This person who wants to rid the world of hyphens.

18. O.J. Simpson.

19. This creator of sick burns.

20. This arsonist.

21. This brilliant legal mind.

22. This believer in magic.

23. This day-dreaming king.

24. This nursery rhyme truther.

25. This terribly awesome future parent.

26. This perfectly sane human being.

27. This reader of books.

28. This visionary.

29. And these dads.