How Big Of A Klutz Are You Actually?

Watch your step…

  1. Check all that apply:
    1. 1 Have you fallen in the past week?
    2. 2 Do you believe curbs are out to get you?
    3. 3 Have you ever fallen up stairs?
    4. 4 Does your face usually break your fall?
    5. 5 Have you gotten a concussion from a non-athletic activity?
    6. 6 Does the concept of dancing make you uncomfortable?
    7. 7 Have you ever spilled a drink on your computer?
    8. 8 Do you live in fear of spilling something on your shirt?
    9. 9 Do you think uneven sidewalks were created solely to make you look stupid?
    10. 10 Do you seemingly bump into everyone on a crowded sidewalk?
    11. 11 Do you routinely wake up with bruises?
    12. 12 Do you spill every hot beverage you carry?
    13. 13 Have you pulled a door when it clearly says push?
    14. 14 Have you pushed a door when it clearly says pull?
    15. 15 Have you ever changed your shirt before eating pasta?
    16. 16 Do you routinely need to change your shirt AFTER eating pasta?
    17. 17 Does having a catch give you anxiety?
    18. 18 What about shaking hands?
    19. 19 High-fives?
    20. 20 Does multitasking scare the bejesus out of you?
    21. 21 Was coloring within the lines an issue in your youth?
    22. 22 Have you ever closed a car door on someone?
    23. 23 Have you ever fallen down in the shower?
    24. 24 Have you ever accidentally elbowed someone in the face while being tickled?
    25. 25 Have you ever chipped a tooth?
    26. 26 Have you recently cut yourself shaving?
    27. 27 Are you terrified of holding babies, because you KNOW what will happen?
    28. 28 Wait, have you dropped a baby?
    29. 29 Do you have to apologize to people every time you get on public transportation?
    30. 30 Have you ever headbutted someone when going in for a kiss?
    31. 31 Have you ever broken a bone on a Slip’N Slide?
    32. 32 Do doorways SEEM to get narrower every time you walk through them?
    33. 33 Do you have a habit of accidentally leaning against things that are NOT stable?
    34. 34 Do you have coffee stains on more than FIVE articles of clothing?
    35. 35 Have you ever bumped into an inanimate object and reflexively said I’m sorry?
    36. 36 Have you burned yourself cooking?
    37. 37 Does chopping vegetables frequently lead to chopping fingers?
    38. 38 Do treadmills look like death traps to you?
    39. 39 What about trampolines?
    40. 40 Do you avoid opening food containers because the contents will undoubtedly end up on you?
    41. 41 Do you simply avoid white clothes?
    42. 42 And red wine?
    43. 43 Have you ever seriously considered wearing a bib?
    44. 44 Do revolving doors seem like a trap?
    45. 45 Do you always lose at Jenga?
    46. 46 Have you ever put a car in drive instead of reverse (or vise versa)?
    47. 47 Have you lost your wallet recently?
    48. 48 What about your keys?
    49. 49 Have you broken or lost two or more phones in the past year?
    50. 50 Did you spill your coffee today?

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