21 Fans Who Restored Your Faith In Alcohol In 2013

Helping fans become fools since the beginning of time.

1. This hockey fan who stole a helmet right off a player’s head.


2. This Bears fan who lost a fight with a street sign.

3. This badass looking for a fight.

4. This woman who mistook the Kaufman Stadium fountain for an above-ground pool.

5. This Mets fan who fell down and went boom.

6. This Jets fan who may have pissed himself and loves curse words.

7. This hockey fan who got two minutes for being a goddamn idiot.

8. This Vikings fan who didn’t need that last beer anyway.

9. These Texas A&M fans who hijacked this news segment.

10. This fearless UCLA fan.


11. These Buffalo Bills fans who hate tables and safety.

12. This Dolphins fan having an AWESOME time.

13. Drunk Papa John.

14. The Bulls fan who practices his WWE moves on a metal bar.

15. This Giants fan who knows exactly what the score is.

16. This air guitar virtuoso.

17. This Baltimore Ravens fan who mistook a street sign for exercise equipment.

18. This Phillies fan who got branded with a spatula.

19. This Clemson fan who likes to stay hydrated.

20. This Pirates fan who loves October swims in the Allegheny River.

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