Hammered Drunk Hockey Fan Steals Player’s Helmet, Loses Beer

Belligerent hockey fans have a new hero.

During the third period of a blowout 4-1 win over the Winnipeg Jets, Chicago Blackhawks winger Brandon Bollig checked defenseman Adam Pardy hard into the boards — like super hard.

ID: 1934453

So hard in fact, the glass was knocked out of its stanchion and into the crowd.

ID: 1934473

During the skirmish that followed Bollig’s hit, a fan boldly reached over and snatched Pardy’s helmet right off his head.

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It goes without saying the man who stole the ultimate hockey souvenir was incredibly inebriated — as was the woman next to him who poured an entire beer on Pardy’s helmet-less head.

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Our sloshed hero proudly pumped his fist for the cameras celebrating his awesomeness and basking in the moment.

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And then suddenly the moment was over.

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You stay classy, Chicago.

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