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    21 Facebook Friends Who Will Suck All The Joy From Your Life

    Total buzzkill.

    1. This guy who just wants to let you know he found his dog:

    2. The commenter who wants you to know whats going on with Carl:

    3. David, who wants to interrupt your happiness with this friendly reminder:

    4. This person who's just checking in:

    5. Freakin' Paula:

    6. This sweetheart who doesn't care about The Killers at all:

    7. Ron's worst friend:

    8. This opossum owner's buddy:

    9. This guy who wants his buddy to drive safe:

    10. This guy:

    11. People who take everything literally:

    12. This literal Debbie Downer:

    13. Dee, who just wanted to say I love you and catch up:

    14. Charles and Vincent:

    15. These people:

    16. This Duck Dynasty fan's apologetic friend:

    17. Michael:

    18. This mom who just wanted to remind her daughter what her father thinks of her:

    19. This human:

    20. This person who wanted to tell you how cute your dog looks:

    21. And mom:

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