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    27 Batshit Sights You'll Only See In A College Dorm

    Welcome back to school.

    1. A carpet made of real grass:

    2. An abandoned toilet full of valuables:

    3. Buddies having some old-fashioned fun:

    4. A misplaced mattress:

    5. A journal in the communal bathroom:

    6. A penis drawing contest:

    7. The world's greatest John Cena portrait:

    8. A Girl Scout finding the ideal marketplace:

    9. A flood of biblical proportions:

    10. This convincing argument for abstinence:

    11. Someone losing their mind and writing out numbers 1-1000:

    12. Smashing warnings:

    13. Interesting requests for lost personal items:

    14. Requests to keep the sex noises to a minimum:

    15. Toilet paper so thin it looks like a bad Instagram filter:

    16. Drug- and alcohol-free Satan-worshipping parties:

    17. See-through bathroom stalls:

    18. Flyers about shitting in the shower:

    19. Friendly bathroom signs:

    20. Staged murder scenes for RA check-ins:

    21. Workout enthusiasts:

    22. Hidden treasures:

    23. Chill-ass potheads:

    24. Cruel pranksters:

    25. Hoarders:

    26. Deeply religious believers:

    27. And this guy:

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