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    19 Times People Realized It Really Is A Small World After All

    You never know who you'll run into.

    1. When Justin Bieber met a non-Belieber:

    2. When this kid wore the perfect shirt:

    3. When these guys met in Flavortown:

    Batmanvader /

    4. When these two kindred spirits linked up:

    ImplicationOfDanger /

    5. When this dude ran into Sharon Stone while wearing Sharon Stone: / BenjaminNet /

    6. When Jeff Goldblum met his twin:

    arsf1357 /

    7. When this guy met his idol:

    8. When this dude met THE Dude: / LeTHAL_GrAnDMa /

    9. When these universes collided:

    10. When Minnie Mouse met a fan:

    11. When this custom shirt came in handy:

    CARLOS---7--- / /

    12. When a God met one of his followers:

    Garage_Dragon /

    13. When this girl got her wish:

    14. When Jesus confronted his haters:

    Met76 /

    15. This guy who picked the right day to wear his Foo Fighters shirt: / Rushified /

    16. When these taco-lovers met: / 7year /

    17. When these two random families shared similar fashion sense:

    18. When this guy met Heisenberg:

    19. And when this Dark Knight fan met Morgan Freeman:

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