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    21 Signs It's Probably Time To Cancel Your Gym Membership

    Like, immediately.

    1. When this guy is hogging the leg-press.

    2. When the English language becomes secondary.

    3. When you simply aren't getting the results you expected.

    4. When you have to wait an hour for a treadmill because someone is watching Survivor.

    5. When the machines are actively trying to kill you.

    6. No, like SERIOUSLY trying to dismember you.

    7. When you see this happening:

    8. When you see someone die on a treadmill.

    9. When the instructions are incredibly sexual suggestive.

    10. When THIS happens:

    11. When you see people doing squats in high heals.

    12. When you start questioning your mortality.

    13. When people make it too hard to focus.

    14. When it gets packed with rebellious teens.

    15. When you witness whatever the fuck this is:

    16. When people take gaining 3 lbs. a tad too seriously.

    17. When machines try to destroy your knees.

    18. When they start letting Japanese cartoon characters in as members.

    19. When you realize it's the gym you deserve, but not the gym you need right now.

    20. When you figure out you don't need to pay $50 a month to have this much fun.

    21. And when a high school marching band plays while you're trying to get your cardio on...

    Actually, never mind, take all my money, that's amazing!