22 Awesomely Useless Party Tricks You Can Learn Right Now

Who DOESN’T want to know how to make carrot into a recorder?

1. How to fold a dollar into a fly-ass short-sleeve shirt.

Don’t spend or save your money…make it into shirts!

2. Learn how to be a pro at hailing a taxi…


…or shattering friends’ eardrums.


3. Want to be a street artist, but don’t want to get arrested? Here’s your starters guide!

4. Look! Something to do with those old plastic circle things.

5. Don’t be that asshole who spills.

6. I mean…it looks cool.

7. Halloween costume on a budget?

8. Yeah, you know how to make a dog shadow puppet… but what about a turtle and a goat?


9. Turn water…

Put a unopened bottle of water in the freezer for two hours and 45 minutes then carefully remove it and give it a whack.

into instant ice!

10. For all you hamster owners out there…

Okay, I’ll admit this is incredibly strange.

11. Stop moonwalking like an asshole and watch this…


12. There’s nothing more impressive that a virtuoso pianist.

13. Are you afraid of the dark? Not with this nifty trick.

14. Bet someone a trillion dollars that you can walk through a postcard.

15. Turn Land O Lakes into Land O Boobs!


16. Make a human table…because it’s fun, I guess?

17. Light a match like a smooth criminal.

18. For those nights when you don’t have a speaker and everyone’s phones and computers ran out of battery and you NEED music.

19. A.k.a. how to change a dick into a pussy…cat. A PUSSY CAT.

20. What time is? Clementime!

21. Free noise makers from fast food restaurants!

And of course….


For more utterly useless fun, lose yourself in r/LearnUselessTalents

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