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    27 Reasons Jason Dufner Is Cooler Than The Other Side Of The Pillow

    Get to know golf's social media king and newest major champion.

    1. This is Jason Dufner โ€” your incredibly nonchalant winner of the 95th PGA Championship.

    Stuart Franklin / Getty

    2. He's that dude with the Southern frat-boy looks...

    Scott Halleran / Getty
    Scott Halleran / Getty

    3. An effortless Hogan-esque swing...

    4. And a lower lip packed bigger than Lenny Dykstra's.

    5. He's known for his unflinching, stress-free demeanor.


    6. This is how he celebrated his first major championship yesterday โ€” as if he won $5 on a scratch off.

    7. But he is human.

    8. You probably know him from the meme known as Dufnering...

    Which is basically the only golf meme of all time.

    Twitter: @JasonDufner

    From left: Keegan Bradley, Dustin Johnson, Brandt Snedeker.

    And really caught on among the top players on tour...

    (Luke Donald and Rory McIlroy)

    9. Because EVERYONE loves Jason "Big Daddy" Dufner...


    Bubba Watson and Ricky Fowler.

    10. Even Lindsay Vonn and Freddy Couple's girlfriend dig the Duffmeister's easygoing vibes.

    11. Seriously, he's one of the most well-liked players on tour.

    View this video on YouTube

    12. And when he's not busy sticking wedge shots, he spends his downtime trolling his friends on Twitter.

    13. Especially Keegan Bradley...

    14. His best friend on the Tour.


    And daily trash talking target...

    15. Who to his credit never backs down from Duf's ribbing...

    Before his win on Sunday Dufner had been best known for his 2011 collapse at the PGA Championship โ€” which Bradley won in a playoff.

    16. And let us know that Duf Daddy didn't always look so effortless.


    17. Keegan was the second person to congratulate Duf on his victory...

    Bradley was apparently on his way to the airport and told the driver to turn around so he could be green-side to watch Dufner win his first major โ€” and give him a big "bro hug."

    18. After his beautiful wife Amanda โ€” who got an awesome ass pat on national TV.

    19. This is his wife Amanda...

    Andrew Redington / Getty

    Here's their wedding video just in case you don't believe me.

    20. According to Amanda he loves Rick Ross...

    Rick Diamond / Getty

    "He only listens to rap music. He probably would love to hang out with Rick Ross (The Boss) one day." โ€” Amanda Dufner

    21. His matte black Dodge Challenger...

    Twitter: @JasonDufner

    "As a child he remembers riding around in his dad's Dodge Challenger. That has always been his dream car to have one customized. Finally after five years of deliberation he got it!"

    22. Animals...

    Paul Kane / Getty

    "He is fascinated by animals. He can sit at the zoo for hours just watching one animal."

    23. And his beloved alma mater.


    24. But the Duf hates tomatoes.

    25. So while he might not always be the most expressive or charismatic guy on the course...

    Andrew Redington / Getty

    26. Remember, you don't get 50 nicknames without being a fun-loving goofball.

    27. So the Dufman should probably be your new favorite golfer.

    Congrats on your first major title. War eagle!