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23 Reasons Richard Sherman Is Actually One Of The Most Likable Players In The NFL

Get to know football's most polarizing player a little better.

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1. Here's what the cameras didn't show you after the NFC Championship.

Before Sherman's now infamous post-game interview, the Seahawks' star cornerback flashed Erin Andrews an ear-to-ear smile and pulled her in for a hug. Her thoughts on Sherman's rant: "That was awesome. That was so awesome. And I loved it."


6. He really, really likes Gushers.

Marshawn Lynch has Skittles and Richard Sherman has Gushers. In fact, according to an excellent profile of Sherman in Sports Illustrated this past summer, "Sherman gobbles Gushers every Sunday morning during the season." And yes, that is his jersey made solely from Gushers.

8. He grilled unsuspecting fans about whether Darrelle Revis was better than Richard Sherman.

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Before last year's Super Bowl between the 49ers and the Ravens, Sherman took to Bourbon Street for Bleacher Report and asked fans who they thought was the better cornerback: Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman. The responses were priceless.


10. He is a world-class athlete, but he's still just as bad at golf as you are.

Watching the members of the Legion of Boom swing golf clubs makes them ever-so-slightly less intimidating.


16. And a walking anti-stereotype.

Sherman — well-known to be a Stanford alum who came out of high school in Compton — was the salutatorian at Dominguez High School, finishing with a 4.2 GPA. In a memorable section of Lee Jenkins' Sports Illustrated profile, he revisited his former high school football team. "'Who wants to make the NFL?' he asked. Fifty-odd hands shot up. 'Now, tell me how long the average NFL career lasts?' he said. One boy guessed 10 years, another seven, another five. 'Three-and-a-half years,' Sherman interrupted. 'So what are you going to prepare for: Three-and-a-half years? Or the rest of your life?'"


17. He organized a benefit attended by 7,500 people to help build a home for an injured soldier.

Last summer Sherman held a celebrity softball game featuring Larry Fitzgerald, Shawn Kemp, Terrell Owens, Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson, and other Seahawk teammates. Over 7,500 people came out to the event, and the proceeds went to the Helping A Hero foundation, which helped raise money for a soldier with an amputated leg to build a home.

19. He's only been in the league three years — he's still on his rookie contract — but is already one of the most charitable players in the NFL.

Blanket Coverage, The Richard Sherman Family Foundation, provides kids with school supplies and clothes. Since Sherman's charity was founded this past July, they've brought goods to four schools and nine community centers. Sherman's stated goal isn't "charity," but leveling the playing field for kids who don't have the things most people take for granted. Students sign a contract with him: In return for improving their grades, making good attendance, and being good citizens, he'll continue to help them with clothes and supplies. The foundation also recently visited the Rescue Mission in Tacoma, Wash., and donated socks, blankets, shoes, board games, and books to 160 families who are homeless or trying to get their lives back on track after suffering from addiction.

20. He showed up to help out these high school kids the morning after a game.

Back in October, the morning after a Thursday night victory over the Arizona Cardinals, Sherman visited Foster High School in Tukwila, Wash., where he talked to students about bullying and brought school supplies for 120 students and new cleats for the football team.


22. If you don't get a little choked up watching this video, you don't have a soul.

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