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Posted on Dec 4, 2012

19 Lessons Learned From Amanda Bynes' Year Of Bad Decisions

So many poor choices, so little time.

1. DON'T use your phone while driving!

David Tonnessen,

2. DON'T crash into a police car, while under the influence, merely a month later.

3. DO pay the ticket, and possibly reflect on your blunder.


Because we all know public embarrassment can be a slippery slope.

PER, Fame Pictures

4. DON'T get lilac colored hair.

Handout / Reuters

5. DON'T plead your innocence in a tweet to Barack Obama.

6. DON'T get charged with MULTIPLE hit and run accidents in a five-month span.

Premiere, FameFlynet Pictures

7. DO delete your Twitter account.

Twitter: @AmandaBynes

For the 2nd time in as many years.

8. DO try and stay out of the public eye.

Because only a fool would be so reckless with their public image, right?


9. DON'T smoke weed and eat tacos in front of the paparazzi...


Get high, laugh and giggle all you want, just do it at home.

10. DON'T spend two bizarre hours alone in a West Hollywood dressing room.


11. DON'T continue to drive with suspended liscense.


12. DON'T act like no one can see you.

V Labissiere, Splash News

13. DON'T move to New York to start a fashion line.

JT, Donnelly,

14. DON'T humblebrag about being a millionaire.

Image by Peter Kramer, / AP

Reminding people you're young and incredibly wealthy isn't always the smartest move.

15. DON'T spend 30 unresponsive minutes locked in a bakery bathroom.


16. DO heed your own movie character's advise.

17. DON'T reactivate your Twitter account.

Twitter: @AmandaBynes

It's a terrible decision for herself, but great for the rest of us.

18. DON'T join instagram or do THAT to your lips.

19. DO remember to bring the dancing lobsters to court.

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