14 Reasons People Should Give La Salle More Love

Florida Gulf Coast may be the Cinderella, but the Explorers actually have a chance.

1. Because their coach has a PhD. in kinesiology!

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Known as human kinetics or the scientific study of human movement.

2. Because La Salle has a long basketball tradition.

They lost the 1955 national championship game to the University of San Francisco, led by Bill Russell.

3. Because this postgame interview was amazing.

4. Because they had true fans before the tournament started.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

5. Because this is an actual professor at La Salle University.

6. Because layups are more democratic than dunking.

7. Because the new pope has been a big fan all season.

8. Because this dog looks dashing in a La Salle School of Medicine t-shirt.

9. Because Tyrone Garland has multiple famous doppelgängers.

Kel Mitchell from Good Burger.

10. Because there are already AT LEAST three different versions of this t-shirt.

11. Because this baby wants you to root for La Salle.

12. Because their guards can compete with anyone.

Ramon Galloway is a South Carolina transfer and Tyrone Garland came from Virginia Tech.

13. Because they’re the only team remaining from the rugged A-10 conference.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Arguably the toughest mid-major conference in the country this year.

14. They have a chip on their shoulder.

I mean they ARE from Philadelphia.

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