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    "Moana" Is The BEST Disney Movie, And Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Can't Argue With Me

    Moana is no damsel in distress.

    Disney loves to depict a classic damsel in distress. While Moana is a damsel, who finds herself in much distress, she does not count on a Prince Charming to come save her. Moana is the first Disney movie to present a strong, independent princess who has a strong cultural identity that is included in her story. The movie also tackles the sensitive subject of masculinity and other social issues.

    1. Moana wants adventure

    moana stands in front of the ocean

    2. Moana learns about her culture

    moana stands on a boat on the ocean

    3. Moana has a realistic body type

    moana stands in front of the ocean, hand on hip, other hand holding canoe paddle

    4. Moana challenges the patriarchy

    moana talks to her grandma on the beach

    5. Moana is a leader

    moana stands on a boat while on the ocean

    6. Moana addresses climate issues

    moana's hands hold open a damaged coconut

    7. Moana tackles hypermasculinity

    moana and maui

    8. Moana tackles male fragility

    maui stands on the beach

    Did you notice any other reasons she's the best? Or maybe you disagree with me. Let me know in the comments below!