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    13 Questions I Need The Answers To In "13 Reasons Why" Season 2

    There was a lot left open at the end of Season 1. [WARNING: Very sensitive topics ahead.]

    1. Does Bryce go to jail?


    Bryce did some truly horrific things in Season 1, including raping two girls and thinking it was okay. I truly despised this character and wanted to throw something at his stupid face every time he was on screen. It's a known fact that his parents are wealthy and that he is the star athlete of his school. Let's hope that Bryce does actually go down for his behaviour and gets his comeuppance for thinking every girl wants to have sex with him and he can do whatever he wants to them!

    2. Does Alex live?


    The last that we heard about Alex was that he shot himself in the head. Throughout the season, he seemed to be really affected by his role in Hannah's suicide. There were rumours about Alex being shot, but the actor pretty much shut them down. I want to know whether Alex will live and whether they will be any lasting damages: paralysis, brain damage, or anything else.

    3. Where does Justin go?


    Justin packs up and leave after his mother just lets her boyfriend assault and abuse him, after Jessica tells him that she never wants to see him again and after he talks to Bryce about what he has down. Where has Justin gone and will he ever come back?

    4. Will Sheri be prosecuted or serve jail time?


    Sheri turned herself into the police, telling them that she had knocked down the stop sign and she didn't report it. This led to the death of Jeff Atkins (RIP :'( ) as a result of this. Will Sheri be prosecuted for Jeff's death and could she serve any jail time herself?

    5. What will Jessica and her dad do?


    At the end of Season 1, it seemed that Jessica admitted to her dad that she had been raped. She had been acting out all season as she knew that Justin wasn't telling her the truth. Jessica had told Clay that she couldn't bear to tell her dad, but seemed to realise that she was not okay and that she needed to tell her dad. I want to see what will happen next. Will they go to the police or will Jessica refuse to?

    6. Where does Tyler have so many guns?


    Tyler is bullied and made to feel like an outcast at school. When the others heard his tape about stalking and taking photos of Hannah, his window was struck multiple times with rocks, but nothing was done to those who had committed other crimes, which he viewed to be completely unfair as he doesn't think his behaviour was wrong. He also brings up the tapes in his own deposition. Just before Tyler heads to the deposition, you see him looking at a scary amount of guns and artillery. Why does he have all these guns? What is he planning to do? Has he been pushed too far? There have been theories since Tyler has photos of all those on the tapes in his dark room. Are they his targets? I need to know!

    7. Will Courtney tell her dads the truth?


    Courtney was a character I really did not like. She threw Hannah under the bus and added to the rumours, plus she even defended Bryce! She was always concerned about her reputation. She was embarrassed about her sexuality and hid it from everyone. It will be interesting to see if she comes out to her dads and starts telling the truth.

    8. What will happen to Marcus?


    Marcus is a dick. He believed the rumours about Hannah and tried to use her, getting mad at her when she pushed him away. After Hannah's death, he refused to tell the truth as he was only concerned about his reputation and his Harvard application. He even got Clay suspended to get him out of the way! He did admit to hurting Hannah's feelings in the deposition. It will be interesting to see what happens to Marcus and if he manages to uphold his reputation in Season 2.

    9. What will happen to Zach?


    Zach seemed to be one of the better guys in this show. He seemed to genuinely like Hannah and him stealing the notes was him being spiteful and angry because Hannah rejected him publicly. The fact that Zach kept the note says a lot about his character. However, he still kept quiet about what he had heard on the tapes. It will be interesting to see what happens to Zach and how he reacts to everything in Season 2.

    10. What will happen to Tony?


    I loved Tony. He was always looking out for Clay and Hannah (that's why there is a theory that he is actually a guardian angel). The last we see of him is when he's driving his car with his boyfriend, Clay and Skye after he had given Hannah's parents the tapes, apologising for keeping them. What will happen once the Bakers hear the tapes? Plus I want to know more about Tony and his secrets, especially after seeing him and his brothers beat up another guy.

    11. Will Mr. Porter lose his job?


    He should! Mr. Porter seems to be the sort of school counsellor that students avoid talking to as it doesn't make a difference. Mr. Porter lies about talking to Hannah, tells the Bakers not to sue, and he told Hannah to move on because she wouldn't give him the name of her rapist. If a student has been sexually assaulted, the counsellor needs to report it to the police! Maybe Hannah did set Mr. Porter up to fail when she spoke to him, but Mr. Porter is rubbish at being a school counsellor.

    Plus what will Mr Porter do with the tapes once he's listened to them?

    12. Will Clay ever be happy?


    Clay loved Hannah and was distraught when she died. He was terrified listening to those tapes, expecting his name to come up and for him to be responsible. The only reason that he was on the tape was to know what had happened to her and for Hannah to explain her feelings. I know that Season 2 should be continuing with the fallout, but I hope that Clay will have the opportunity to feel happy again.

    13. And what will the Bakers do once they have listened to the tapes?


    The Bakers, especially Mrs. Baker, have been adamant over finding out the reasons why their daughter killed herself and why they discovered her lifeless body in the overflowing bath. Tony was the one who gave them the tapes, apologising for not showing them, but now they have the tapes, they will discover everything that happened to Hannah. What will they do? How will they react? How will they feel when they hear about Tyler? About Justin and Jessica? About Bryce?!

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