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    13 Questions I Need The Answers To In "13 Reasons Why" Season 2

    There was a lot left open at the end of Season 1. [WARNING: Very sensitive topics ahead.]

    1. Does Bryce go to jail?

    2. Does Alex live?

    3. Where does Justin go?

    4. Will Sheri be prosecuted or serve jail time?

    5. What will Jessica and her dad do?

    6. Where does Tyler have so many guns?

    7. Will Courtney tell her dads the truth?

    8. What will happen to Marcus?

    9. What will happen to Zach?

    10. What will happen to Tony?

    11. Will Mr. Porter lose his job?

    12. Will Clay ever be happy?

    13. And what will the Bakers do once they have listened to the tapes?

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