Reasons Drinking Wine Is The Same As Going To The Gym

Think about it…they are both things you either enjoy or do not, they can both become addicting, and they can both be the result of emotions.

1. They both have proven health benefits.

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2. Both require heavy lifting.

…if you do it right.

3. Both have a singular purpose.

We all know those people who go to the gym looking perfect and you know they’re not actually there for the benefits of the gym. We also have those friends who show up to Wine Wednesday with beer or vodka and we can’t help but silently judge them.

4. Members of both tend to be judgmental.

You can’t help but judge or feel judged while at the gym…just like you can’t help but judge everyone not in the room on wine night.

5. They both have the same type of people involved.


6. The one who goes all or nothing.

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7. The one who does it to try and feel better.

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8. The one who claims to do it, but you never actually witness in action.

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9. The one who always overdoes it.

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10. The one who does it in the hopes of “impressing” a guy.

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11. The one who refuses to partake.

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12. But in all reality…

13. …which one sounds more fun?

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