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A True Story Of Brotherly Love

This adorable 8-year-old boy from Idaho decided to participate in the local YMCA Youth Triathlon, but not without his 6-year-old brother at his side.

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Lucas was Born with Lissencephaly, which Only Occurs in 85,470 Births

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Lissencephaly literally means, "smooth brain," and is a rare brain malformation, "characterized by the absense of normal convolutions (folds) in the cerebral cortex" ( There is no cure for lissencephaly, but some cases have shown progress in child development over time. It can cause seizures, failure to thrive, muscle spasms. and difficulty swallowing.

Their Parents Were More Than Supportive When Noah Decided to Participate in the Local YMCA Youth Triathalon

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His one request, was that he wanted to do the whole thing with his brother at his side.

...All With His Brother

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Their mother, Alissa, describes their friendship as, "an amazing bond. They're best friends and they do everything together. The connection and the love that they share is truly unique."

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