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Why Christian Boydo Wins The Award For The Best Dad Ever!

Just a few reminders of why Christian is pretty much full of awesomeness for this Father's Day.

1. He knows the evil that is Alimentum

They do not call it powered gold for nothing $$$$

2. Legos ... "nuff said

You are the Special

3. He figured out a way to clone babies

No..these are not the same kid

4. Wait... he actually is cloning himself!

That smile though...

5. Yup... they pretty much look just like daddy

It must be a Peruvian thing

6. He instills great work ethics

No, are not free slave labor

7. Yet he knows when to take it easy

again... the similarity is eerie

8. He knows his responsibilities

What are dad's good for again?

9. He has this dad thing figured out

Well that escalated quickly...

10. He's an excellent hair dresser

yup, that pretty much sums up his skill level

11. He teaches the kiddos the important things in life are not things

Now have fun teaching your daughter!

12. This is the look he had when he first became a daddy


13. Then was willing to do it all over again

(I bet he is regretting that decision!!)

14. Christian, you are the (best) Father!

too cheesy?

15. So Christian, put on your best dad shirt

No..not that one!

16. This one!

That's more like it

17. And your cape!

Dads are life's secret superheroes!

18. And be proud of these two beautiful mini's that think you are pretty awesome

Best daddy ever!!

19. Happy Father's Day Christian!!

We love you!!!

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