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Kate Upton's Top Five Sporting Jigs

Since taking out the title of Rookie of the Year following her first Sports Illustrated Cover in 2011, the 21-year-old Michigan bombshell hasn't stop dancing since.

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Kate Upton: America’s favourite Pickleback-downin' Supermodel who once ditched New York Fashion Week to watch collegiate football with her family. Her mother is a tennis champion, father a former athletic director and sister Christine works for the NY Jets; an avid horse rider, Upton gravitates to sport as she does bikinis.

Let's take a look at Miss Upton's Top Five Sporting jigs:

The Baseball Beer Dance. Sipping an undisclosed liquid from a plastic cup in a private box, Upton performs a sweet rally shuffle while her then-boyfriend Detroit Tiger's Justin Verlander throws some heat. The Tigers won.


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The 2014 Super Bowl Bump. Guided by Tracy Morgan himself, Upton attempts the knee-knocking end zone dance complete with heels, designer white dress and of course, a football for an exclusive video for Vogue.


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The Clippers Dougie. Encouraging women everywhere to goof-off during halftime, Upton owns The Dougie while her girlfriend films it. Then uploads it to YouTube. This one-minute showcase of delicious hair flipping is well on its way to three million hits, and is credited with catapulting her career.


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The MLB Cave Dweller Shimmy. Even though we aren’t treated to the full repertoire of Upton grooves, the breathtaking blonde proves a good sport as she wiggles and giggles in a black dress while two fat guys gyrate in red crops and gold micro shorts to a strange beat they wrote for her.


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The Victor Cruz Salsa. Another Vouge photo shoot is interrupted by Upton busting a move, and thankfully so. Dressed in her Jackie Onassis finest, Upton gives us her best victory salsa ended by slamming her assumedly pricey handbag on to the field as though it were a ball. Priceless.

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