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    • Lawjhao

      That it takes practice! 100% of what I knew about it before actually experiencing it for myself came from porn, and porn almost always suggests that anal sex is great and pleasurable from the get go. The truth is that it isn’t. It is anything but. It takes practice, it takes getting to know your own body and what works for you, and how to make it work with your partner. I’ve learned that for myself, breathing exercises help a ton. They don’t teach you this in porn! (Still love my porn though)

    • Lawjhao

      This is a poorly written and researched article, even for Buzzfeed. It’s fine to have an opinion, but the writer should seek to be fair and at least make sure his are well informed and not flimsy. In literature, vampires are metaphors for the darker sides of man. Every person has a good and bad side. Most civil rights issues are about giving everyone the right to be who they are, just as long as no one else is harmed. It assumes that everyone is good, which is not true; not in real life, and most definitely not in the True Blood universe. “On True Blood, the larger fears about vampires — that they’re out to kill, corrupt, and ultimately destroy human society — are entirely accurate.” This is applicable to a small group of vampire characters (I might add), and could potentially be true of a minority group in real life. We need only to look at our own politicians to see that this statement is applicable to some of them. “To look at these vampires on the show as metaphors for gays and lesbians is so simple and so easy, that it’s kind of lazy… But as Ball chastises viewers for their analysis, he ignores the fact that he’s the one who put it in there. Precisely. This article adopts a lazy, obvious stance. And so what if Ball “put it in there”? Ever heard of the essay “Death of the Author”? The problem with interpreting allegories is that it’s prone to cherry picking. As it stands, this is an utterly unconvincing essay.

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