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Can You Identify These 10 Flowers By Name?

A quiz for your inner flower child.

  1. We'll start with an easy one: What's this flower called?

    Noriko YAMAMOTO/
  2. What are these flowers?

    kanonn /
  3. How about this one?

    きうこ /
  4. Do you know this one?

    Shandi-lee Cox /
  5. What's this flower called?

    Takashi .M /
  6. What kind of flower is this?

    *Yaco* /

    Moth Orchid

  7. What's this flower called?

    kanonn /
  8. How about these flowers?

    Dèsirèe Tonus /
  9. What's this flower called?

    Valentina Storti /
  10. Finally, what's this flower called?

    shuzo serikawa /

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This post was translated from Japanese.