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    If You Do More Than 10/16 Of These Things, Congrats! You're The One Who's Always Late In Your Group Of Friends

    It should be a rule that there's always a 30 minute grace period for everything.

    1. You have never once made it to the movies on time.

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    👆 This should be a familiar sight to you, because this is what you've seen every time you've walked into a movie theater. Oh, and good luck trying to find any friends you were planning on meeting at the theater.

    2. "I'll be there in 5" means a lot of different things to you.

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    It could mean "I'm leaving my place now," or "I just got in the shower," or "I literally just remembered I was suppose to meet you when you texted."

    3. When your friends invite you to something, they tell you it's starting an hour before it actually starts.


    And no matter how early they push it, you still manage to show up late.

    4. You're always running when you arrive anywhere.

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    Sweating, panting, and apologizing... that's your style.

    5. You know the dread of being locked out of a room you're supposed to be in.

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    There's nothing worse than showing up late for an important exam and helplessly trying to get someone's attention through the little window in the door because there's no way in hell you're knocking to be let in.

    6. You've never shown up for a date before the other person.

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    You've been on plenty of dates, but you've never had to be the one looking at the door wondering, "is this the person I'm here to meet?" It's a beautiful tradition.

    7. You strongly support a mandatory 30-minute tolerance.

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    Because the best time to leave for something is the moment you were suppose to arrive in the first place.

    8. At this point, you've totally run out of excuses.

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    Your Ubers have "broken down" five times, you've "lost your keys" three times, and somehow, your bike's "gotten a flat" about ten times now. You're running out of plausible scenarios to explain away your tardiness.

    9. When something actually does happen to make you late, nobody believes you anymore.


    When you really do get stuck in traffic, or if your dog really does get sick, your friends all just roll their eyes and assume it's another one of your little lies.

    10. You set a thousand different alarms.


    You've got the one that goes off when it's supposed to, but also another one for when you're going to be late but not too late, and another one still that lets you know you can still make it if you get up, and finally, the last one that indicates that there's just no way it's happening.

    11. You've resorted to setting your watch ahead to try to fool yourself.

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    Of course, it doesn't work because you know it's happening.

    12. You even arrive late for the most important moments of your life.

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    You're starting to suspect that you were born late.

    13. You're even late to events that YOU ORGANIZED.


    It's your house, and your birthday. How is that even possible?!

    14. Even if you get up extra early, or leave way before you're supposed to, you can never show up on time.


    Nobody can say you haven't tried. Even if you leave two hours early, you'll still show up an hour late.

    15. You can't stand it when people are less punctual than you.


    This is YOUR thing. How dare they try to take that away from you.

    16. You feel like you deserve praise when you show up just 10 minutes late for something.

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    You weren't early. You weren't even on time. You just weren't as late as you could have been. That should count for something.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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