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14 Unknown Women Who You'll Love Forever

That woman who comforted you in a restroom when you were crying and the one who defended you when you were being harassed. <3

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1. The one who stopped you in the street to give you a compliment.

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She approached you out of nowhere and told you that your dress was really cool or that your hair looked incredible, instantly making your day 1000x better.

3. The one who saw you crying about somebody in a restroom and comforted you.


She didn't even know you, but she told you that you deserved better and then she hugged you as if you two had known each other all your life.

4. The one who told you that you had a period stain on your pants.

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Of the dozens of people who walked by you and said nothing, she was the only one to put herself in your place and help you out.


5. The ex-boyfriend/girlfriend of your SO, who you thought you didn't like, but then discovered was actually pretty cool.


You love checking her Facebook page because she shares stuff that is so awesome you just know you could be friends.

7. The one who asked you if everything was alright when she noticed you were very stressed.

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Maybe you had a little heart to heart, or maybe you didn't. Regardless, her kind, caring gesture was exactly what you needed in that moment.


9. The one who overheard a conversation you were having with a friend and kindly cut in to give you a piece of advice that changed your life.

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She shared her advice and experience with you and for that you will be forever grateful.

11. The one who shared her umbrella with you.

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She saw you getting rained on and offered to share her umbrella with you. You talked a little bit, and then you never saw her again, but for that day, she was your best friend.

12. The one who saw you drunk at a party and saved you from somebody who wanted to take advantage of you.

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She knows you'd have done the same for her, so she didn't mind leaving the party for a little while to make sure that you were out of danger.


13. The one who saw you fighting with your boyfriend and asked you if you needed any help.

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Whether you needed help or not, she offered to be an ally, and for that simple gesture you were grateful.

14. And the one who, out of nowhere, told you that you are beautiful.

Her Voice Is My Voice

She didn't know your name and you didn't know hers, but what she said that day gave you faith in the immense power and beauty of female friendships.

This post was translated from Spanish.