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    23 Things That, No Matter How Hard They Try, Will Never Be Vaginas

    Don't be fooled!

    1. This is just a ham sandwich.

    2. And this is just a delicious citrus fruit.

    3. This is just a pocket. We promise!

    4. And this is just a dried up apricot.

    5. Don't be fooled — this is just a kiwi.

    6. And this is just a cut of meat.

    7. This bag is just a bag...

    8. And those are FLOWERS. Okay? FLOWERS.

    9. These are the pockets to some shorts.

    10. And this is another sandwich. Not a vagina.

    11. This is a raw chicken breast, ya hear??

    12. And here are three more of them.

    13. This clam isn't tricking anyone.

    14. And neither is this zippered bag.

    15. This is a dried up apple, and it always will be.

    16. This isn't a vagina, either.

    17. Neither is this!

    18. Really, who do these fruits think they're kidding?

    19. This is a container of butter. Not a vagina.

    20. This is a knee. Also not a vagina.

    21. This is clearly just bubble wrap, and nothing more.

    22. And whatever you might think, this is a pic of a hand holding a wet flower...

    23. And this is another sandwich. It's still not a vagina.

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    This post was translated from Spanish.