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    17 Awesome Pieces Of Trivia About "The Simpsons Movie"

    It was released a whole 10 YEARS AGO.

    1. When the family gets to Alaska, they're given $1,000, which does happen in real life.

    20th Century Fox

    The Alaska Permanent Fund is a payment that Alaska residents receive every year. The amount varies, but it always comes. O__o

    2. In the original script, Marge was going to have the prophetic vision.

    20th Century Fox

    But the writers thought it would make more sense that Grampa Simpson would be ignored when he got it. :(

    3. "Spider Pig" does, in fact, exist in the Marvel universe.

    Marvel Comics

    Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham was an '80s comic about a Spider-Man pig.

    4. The script that was used to record the voices was shredded after each session.

    20th Century Fox

    To keep it top secret.

    5. Throughout July 2007, a dozen 7-Eleven stores changed their name to Kwik-E-Mart.

    Michael Nagle / Getty Images

    It was part of the movie's publicity push. The stores sold products like Buzz Cola, KrustyO's cereal, Radioactive Man comics, and Squishees.

    6. The domain was registered 10 years before the movie was released.

    20th Century Fox

    This was when the studio approved the movie, but they took several years to reach agreements with the voice artists. That website doesn't exist anymore. :(

    7. In the movie, Moe's Tavern is called "Moe's Bar."

    20th Century Fox

    The sign on the building is changed to "Moe's Bar."

    8. There was a contest to decide where the movie would have its premiere.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    Out of the 16 cities called Springfield, the one in Vermont was the winner. It narrowly beat out Springfield, Illinois.

    9. The Oatmeal Enthusiast magazine that Grampa Simpson reads actually exists in real life.

    20th Century Fox

    It's an Internet magazine called The Oatmeal Artist, and it has a very cool section for oatmeal enthusiasts (yes, they exist).

    10. Milhouse's house is different than the one that appears in the series.

    20th Century Fox

    But the rock in the yard was the one thing that was kept from the house's original design.

    11. This scene is an homage to M.C. Escher's "House of Stairs."

    20th Century Fox / M.C. Escher

    The work of the Dutch artist is characterized by its play on perspective. The reference appears when Homer tries to have an epiphany.

    12. As part of the movie's publicity push, Homer was painted next to the Cerne Abbas chalk giant on the hill above Cerne Abbas in the UK.

    It was made with a biodegradable paint that came off as soon as it rained.

    13. An emblematic love song for Marge and Homer makes an appearance.

    20th Century Fox

    In the super-sad video that Marge leaves Homer to tell him she doesn't know why she loves him, "Close to You" by the Carpenters is playing in the background, the very same song that was playing in a flashback scene in which Homer met Marge for the first time in an episode that aired in 1991.

    14. Edward Norton was going to be the voice of the guy who gets crushed by the dome.

    20th Century Fox

    Norton was doing a Woody Allen impression (sounds crazy), but the result was too distracting, so they decided to step back from that.

    15. Kevin Bacon also made an appearance.

    Larry Busacca / Getty Images

    The actor had a cameo, along with his children, but the scene was cut from the final version.

    16. The ambulance that crashed by the Springfield Gorge also appears.

    20th Century Fox

    Do you remember that legendary episode from 1990? In the episode, the ambulance was destroyed, and Homer and Bart find it in the movie when they return to the gorge.

    17. Maggie says her "first" word in the credits.

    20th Century Fox

    The word is "sequel." But she actually said her first word in an episode from 1992 and it was "daddy" (it's just that no one heard it).

    With information from IMDb.

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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