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    18 People Who Can Improvise Way Better Than You

    Resourceful AF.

    1. Whoever came up with this quick fix is a genius...

    2. And whoever pioneered this lil trick should get an award.

    3. Who needs a stove when you have a shovel?

    4. And do you REALLY need a big fancy car when you have this??

    5. This half-car, half-motorbike is the best of both worlds.

    6. And this is one way to stop dropping your phone so much.

    7. This guy just changed the entire "working remotely" game.

    8. And this lady knows how to use the shit out of an old wheelbarrow for sure:

    9. These ladies are out here living in 3018...

    10. Keep your selfie sticks — we're good over here:

    11. And you know what? Keep those stretch limos, too:

    12. This windshield wiper is function AND also just fun.

    13. And are you really out there buying ash trays when you can just do this??

    14. Worried about sunburn on a super bright day? A well-placed pizza box will do.

    15. Hate uncomfortable bike seats? No problem.

    16. Don't want to spring for another shower head? It's not an issue.

    17. Want to have a hands-free GPS experience? Problem solved.

    18. And if you need your beer to be ice-cold at all times, there's a super simple solution for that, too.

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    This post was translated from Spanish.