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18 Things Only Former Tamagotchi Parents Will Understand

You forget to take it to school with you ONE DAY and it dies on you.

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1. When Tamagotchis first came out, you BEGGED for one. To you, they were the most futuristic thing you'd ever seen.

2. You knew the whole commercial by heart: "Tamagotchi: The original virtual reality pet ... from Bandai".


3. When they were first "born" they were just a cute little ball.

4. Which kinda just hopped around the screen for the most part.


5. Until you figured out that you had to feed it, bathe it, and play with it.

6. And at first it was really exciting! Until it went to sleep every time you picked it up to play with it.

7. Unlike most newborns, your Tamagotchi could sleep anywhere, including next to heaping piles of its own poop.

8. You felt bad leaving it alone, and took it to school every day, even after your school district inevitably banned them.

9. In your teacher's defense, it must have been annoying when 25 kids' digital pets all started beeping for food in the middle of class every day.

10. When it finally evolved for the first time, you got a little emotional, even though it just grew a tiny beak.

11. But if you took really good care of it, they could evolve into some really cool little beings.

12. But you never saw the best evolutions, because your Tamagotchi died on you CONSTANTLY.

13. Anything would kill these things. Even giving it too much food would cause it to croak.

14. But you became a master at reviving them, like a skilled surgeon bringing patients back from the brink of death.

15. If you were #blessed, you had a whole collected of them. Like a big, happy family.

16. If you weren't so lucky, your parents got you one of those cheap, off-brand digital pets.

17. Honestly? Tamagotchis taught you a lot about responsibility.

18. And even though they caused you a lot of heartache in the '90s, you're a better person for having raised one.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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